Contributor :

Nancy Seid

Action Plan

I will be walking as much as possible, particularly in Fez, taking pictures and writing in my journal in the evening so I can share my trip with my students. I am also hoping to hear and record stories whenever possible – and I’d love to take a cooking class, too, as we have a Moroccan feast each year as a culminating activity.

Pre-Departure Preparation

Our theme for the year is studying the Middle Ages on three continents: Africa, Asia, and Europe. One of the cornerstone texts we use is "Traveling Man: the Journey of Ibn Battuta" - the story of one of the great travelers of that era, who hails from Morocco. My students and I research his journey and his life each year, and so much of his perspective comes from having grown up in Morocco. Being able to trace the steps he traveled and seeing the landscape he describes is a tremendous gift! I will be keeping a journal, and will bring back my impressions and my photos to share with my students, increasing their understanding of the culture. We also study the geography of Morocco, and I'm glad to be seeing a great deal of that for myself.

Preparation During Travel

I am reading two books about Morocco and its stories: The Caliph's House (finished) and In Arabian Nights (currently reading), both by Tahrir Shah. They have really piqued my interest in the beauty and mystery of the country, and have me longing to wander around Fez in particular!