Human Interactions with the Environment

Contributor :

Ana Vasquez

Action Plan

1. Read about the place we’ll visit ahead of time to identify potential picture spots.
2. Collect memorabilia that highlights a range of interactions between humans and the environment.
3. Talk to the tour guide to communicate interest in locating potential spots.
4. If possible, interview a member of the Tharu community to learn more about their way of living and their relationship with the environment.
5. Ensure camera is charged and working properly.

Pre-Departure Preparation

Subject Area: I teach Biology/Physical Science for the Spanish Immersion Program at my school. Project: Document a range of human interactions with the environment through photography. MN Life Science Standard: Human activity has consequences on living organisms and ecosystems. Description: I will photograph evidence of human impact on the environment throughout the duration of the trip. The pictures will be used during the Ecology unit. Students will research environmental issues addressing the Life Science standard to create an action project and generate feasible solutions at the local, state and global levels. The students will also use the pictures to create their own haikus as part of their Eco project. The pictures will be shared with the Science/Biology and Social Studies Departments. The Social Studies department will be able to use the pictures in their Human Geography classes.

Preparation During Travel

1. Create a list of possible topics I could photograph during the trip. 2. Read and learn about the locations we'll visit. 3. Learn and practice photography skills.