Human Geography Using ArcGIS Online Story Map

Contributor :

Sara Damon

Action Plan

Be observant, ask questions of local experts, take photos and create notes on trip experiences.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I will summarize my travel experiences in the form of an ArcGIS Online Story Map featuring maps, photos, and text so my students can visit Morocco virtually. I will create an online lesson focused on a human geography topic. Potential topics that I am thinking of pre-trip include the creation of diverse Moroccan cultural landscapes via cultural diffusion, the impact of Jewish refugees on the cultural landscape of Chefchaouen, the physical and cultural geography of the Sahara Desert region of Morocco or the informal economies of the souks in Fez and Marrakech. In general, I will create a knowledge base from which to intersperse specific Moroccan examples pertinent to population, cultural, political, agricultural, economic and urban geography into our year-long study of human geography.

Preparation During Travel

Personal research on potential lesson topics.