Human Environmental Interactions

Contributor :

Kevin Brown

Action Plan

I will be taking photos of how people adapt to, use, and interact with their environment and perhaps ask questions of the tour guide and others about some of the Islamic traditions and history.

Pre-Departure Preparation

When I teach the region of North Africa during the school year, I will use my trip experience to teach students how people in this region adapt to, use, and change their environment considering the severity of much of its climate and physical features. Students will read articles about the area, examine photos I have taken, and watch short video clips to compile a chart of the human/environment interaction in this region. Additionally, I will also be teaching them about the Islamic religion with short articles, video clips, and photos and using information gathered from this trip as well.

Preparation During Travel

I will have my camera equipment ready and be looking for any additional information regarding the religion and human/environment interaction about the region so I will have questions in mind as I travel.