How to Travel Unit

Contributor :

Barbara Roman

Action Plan

I will collect as many things as possible pertaining to traveling and my trip. I will document my encounters and adventures through journaling and photos. I will make sure to take pictures of children so students can see other children in a different part of the world.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I will create a traveling unit for my preschool classroom. This will include topics such as: how to travel, safety, places to go, adventures to go on, different cultures. I will be able to use my experience as part of teaching the lessons through stories, pictures, plane tickets, and gear used. The dramatic play area will be transformed into an airport where students will be able to "travel" to different places. I will post photos and maps of my trip as well as other photos from around the world. This will broaden student knowledge about the world.

Preparation During Travel

I will do research pertaining to Tanzania and the culture. I will gather information and prepare it in a kid friendly version for my preschoolers.