Hand’s-On Cultural Activities

Contributor :

Delene Huggins

Action Plan

Take photos showing important places in Peru. Bring back samples and examples of products, maps and brochures. Interview Peruvians, make notes or short videos. Document locations with photos. Keep a journal of my own feelings and experiences to share when I return. Take short videos addressing my students directly (using ASL) at various locations.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I want to bring back (by photos or actual items) examples of food, dance, music, art, clothing and literature to share in my classroom. We will be able to replicate some of these items, cooking a dish, learning a dance and making a piece of art. Hands on and visual materials help my student learn without depending on possessing high reading and language skills.

Preparation During Travel

I am reading books about the history of Peru and the discovery of famous ruins in the area. I am studying maps and learning about the cities we will be visiting. I am making decisions about what places and activities are important and easy to understand for my students.