Contributor :

Rosemary Conroy

Action Plan

The list is long because I plan to totally make the most of this opportunity. I plan to arrive well-prepared, to participate in anything and everything I can, to ask a multitude of questions, to visit schools, to make connections with as many people as I can, to select small items for my culture “trunk”, and to fill my memory card with photos.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I teach World History to 7th Graders ( as well as U.S. History to 8th Graders). I plan to use my GEEO experience to enhance global awareness and to help my students understand the connectivity of all people. On a primary level I want them to understand the geography ( my students arrive complete lacking in this area), culture, history, and basic understanding of government. I want my students to understand the similarities and differences between our two countries, and the challenges faced by the people of Indonesia. I want them to develop an appreciation for the richness and diversity of Indonesia. I hope to create a small culture "trunk' with some samples of music, a book of folk tales, crafts, perhaps a puppet. My goal as a teacher is to prepare my students to live and work in a truly global society and in order for them to do this I need to help form students who are informed, inquisitive, and appreciative of other cultures.

Preparation During Travel

As soon as school is out I plan to do some reading about Bali and Indonesia in general so that I am prepared to ask the right questions. I'm intrigued with the diversity of Indonesia and with the concept of cultural borrowing so I may pursue that thread of thought. I also want to learn more about the impact of colonialism on Indonesia because I have a tentative lesson in mind - the 7th Graders learn about colonization by the European nations and I'm considering adding the Dutch colonization of Indonesia