Gain Knowledge for Conservation Project

Contributor :

Jill Kehoe

Action Plan

Many of the visited sites will bring me the knowledge and content about preservation/conservation efforts that are going on in the Galapagos that I can bring back to my students. I am hoping to create some relationships with people who work in this field, perhaps at the Giant Tortoise Breeding Center or the Charles Darwin Research Station so we have connections for future contact when our students have questions or need additional information. The knowledge I will gain will enrich students’ passion projects because I will be more knowledgeable which will help with student motivation and I can better assist them in researching and creating their projects.

Pre-Departure Preparation

My school has passion projects where students sign up for an elective that interests them. My plan is to help students become more aware of global environment initiatives and inspire students' personal passion projects aimed at protecting our planet. My school will have two classes of students (one primary, one upper grade) and the Passion Project will be titled "Team Tortoises" These groups will run separately four days a week, but will collaborate one day a week for a common vision based on conservation and/or animal protection. Students will create an action plan to advocate for the endangered animal of their choosing. Their projects will be presented at STEAM night in April of 2019. We will have a fundraising activity the week of STEAM night. Students in Team Turtles will decide on a conservation/animal protection organization to donate the proceeds to.

Preparation During Travel

Research the unique wildlife in the Galapagos and become familiar with some of their conservation/preservation efforts.