Earth Science Lesson Using Travel Destination As Reference Point

Contributor :

Alyssa Henry

Action Plan

I will take many pictures and videos of the geological landscapes and journal about my experiences.

Pre-Departure Preparation

As part of our fourth grade science curriculum we study Earth's Changes. Students use models such as straws, ice cubes frozen with gravel and tongue depressors (as wave makers) to explore weathering, erosion and deposition. They learn how landforms such as dunes, moraines and deltas are formed. I am excited to enrich this curriculum with photos, videos and stories from my GEEO tour of Bolivia. My final project will be to create a non-fiction photo journal that can be used to enrich the teaching of our Earth's Changes unit. As I develop a greater global perspective through this trip, I will provide a richer learning experience for my students. I will bring my interest, knowledge and passion for connecting science and social studies to the real world to my students. I think it is important to help the next generation of youth become more globally conscious and dedicated to improving the world around them by empowering them with knowledge.

Preparation During Travel

I will research the formation of key geological features such as desert altiplano, Valley of the Moon, Laguna Colorada, salt flats, geysers and mud pools.