Dispelling Negative Stereotypes and Mystery Bags

Contributor :

Lynn O'Brien

Action Plan

I must take pictures and video of people and places that show the splendor and beauty of the Middle East along with interactions with the people. I must also collect artifacts for my mystery bags.

Pre-Departure Preparation

-I teach in a high poverty inner city school in Rochester NY. My students have a very negative stereotype of Muslims and people from the Middle East, despite having classmates who fit this description. My plan is to create a Google Slides presentation with video clips and my photos to dispel some of these myths and to challenge and encourage students to think beyond the stereotype. I will be able to share my presentation with other teachers in my building and the teachers I mentor. They may share with anyone they wish. -I open the school year with an activity I call mystery bags. Students exploring artifacts from various countries. They share the contents of their bag with the class. A discussion follows along with the passing around of items. Bags will be created from this trip.

Preparation During Travel

No, but I always find knowledge of the culture and the places to be visited helpful.