Digital Pictures Book Compare and Contrast

Contributor :

Jill Carter

Action Plan

1. Camera. 2. Travel notebook for notes.

Pre-Departure Preparation

As I travel through the countries in Eastern Europe, I would like to collect pictures showcasing how people live (food, houses, schools, clothes) and what the environment is like in this part of the world. I will then take this can compare it to the same in North Carolina (where I am from and where I teach). I will use this as a model for my kids to create a digital picture book comparing and contrasting where we live to where our ancestors are from. My students will complete their own projects and compare to countries/regions that they are from.

Preparation During Travel

1. Research picture books that are appropriate for 2nd grade and that are about Eastern Europe. 2. List possible sights/objects/people/landscapes to photograph. 3. Work on my photography skills.