Contributor :

Amy Moore

Action Plan

Take pictures in the park from different trails that we visit to use with the backdrops for our hikes at my school. Gather any additional resources I find from the Denali Park visitors center that I can use with my lesson.

Pre-Departure Preparation

As an elementary PE teacher, I will choose a Denali hike for each elementary grade level that I teach and students will "hike" the trail during their weekly and/or biweekly PE classes. Collaborating with the art teacher and her middle school classes, they will create some scenic backdrops to place along the 'trail'. Collaborating with their classroom teachers in science and social studies, they will learn about wildlife, flora and fauna and the history of the park that they may see during their 'hikes'. Collaborating with their classroom teachers in math, they will keep charts of specific items they see along their hike and a graph of their walking progress on the 'trail'. The hike will take place on our outdoor walking trail and also in the gym on bad weather days. As a final project when the hike is completed, students will create a physical or digital presentation about they saw and learned on their 'hike'. These will be shared with their classmates and also made available on the school shared drive to share with other classes/grade levels in our school.

Preparation During Travel

Research the different trails available at Denali and determine which ones will be appropriate for different grade levels. Review the resources I have found online and develop a list of questions to be answered, specific pictures I want to try to take, and any other things I need to find while I am at Denali. Online resources: NPS- https://www.nps.gov/dena/learn/education/index.htm, Alaska Geographic- https://www.akgeo.org/