Day in the Life of a Child Contrast

Contributor :

Tracy Madryga

Action Plan

I will need to talk to local people and my guide about the daily routine of children in Morocco. I should take pictures when possible of people taking part in their daily activities.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I would like to teach my students to compare and contrast a day in the life of a child in the United States with a child from Morocco. This will help my students attain English words and phrases used to discuss everyday routines, as well as make sure they are aware of US customs, all while also giving them the opportunity to learn about another culture. Some of my students may come from similar backgrounds to Moroccan culture, while others are very different, so it will give us interesting points for discussion and oral language development.

Preparation During Travel

I will do some preliminary research on daily culture in Morocco, as well as interview my students about their daily routines to give myself some ideas of what to pay attention to for compare/contrast purposes.