Currency Conversion

Contributor :

Jennifer Borsani

Action Plan

I will collect a variety of brochures and pamphlets of the different activities offered throughout my trip. I will take a lot of pictures to give the students a visual representation of the different activities. I will collect some of the money used in Costa Rica so the students will be able to compare it to the US currency. Lastly, I will bring in some of the items purchased along the way with price tags still on them so they can physically see the difference in price.

Pre-Departure Preparation

In my special education Math classes, I often work with students regarding exchange rates from different countries compared to the United States. My students tend to find it fascinating that different countries have a different currency. Students will be able to research different activities they would be interested in completing if they went to Costa Rica and determine how much money it would cost them in US dollars compared to the Costa Rica currency.

Preparation During Travel

I will research the currency rate in Costa Rica and compose a list of a variety of activities to help assist the students on what type of activities they may be interested in pursuing.