Contributor :

Jen Hohman

Action Plan

I will be open to meeting new people and getting to know the locals. I will participate in any and all activities to truly get the most out of my experience while visiting Peru. I am flying in a day early to soak up more of Lima before departing for Cuzco and the Lares Trail. I will take many pictures to help remember my journey and go along with the journal that I will write about my daily experiences, ideas, and thoughts.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I am an instructional support teacher that helps special education teachers in multiple ways. One way I support the department is with instructional strategies. I would like to use this experience to help broaden the students regarding social studies, specifically our 6th graders who study South America. Being able to share the information learned, while showing souvenirs, pictures, and stories will help get the students more excited about the content being taught. It will give me a chance to be back into the classroom while reinforcing and enriching the curriculum. I will share any arts/crafts, songs, games, sports, food, music, etc. with the students to really expose them to the Peruvian culture.

Preparation During Travel

I will research the country of Peru and learn about its culture, history, geography, traditions, and customs. I will also read resources about Machu Picchu to better understand its importance and significance in the Peruvian and Incan culture.