Cross Cultural Understanding Through Creating a Travelogue

Contributor :

Ryan Hauck

Action Plan

I will create my own travelogue that includes pictures, videos, and diary entries of my experience. I will also collect various things related to Jordanian history and culture along my trip (textiles, etc) and look for additional pieces of literature that will supplement my lessons.

Pre-Departure Preparation

As a World History teacher, I plan to create interdisciplinary lessons that bring Jordan's rich history and culture into the classroom. Students will examine photographs, videos, and visual arts collected from this experience to develop a historical and cultural travelogue of their own. Students will also read two short stories that will provide them with additional context of Jordanian culture. With scaffolding and guidance, students will then engage in a small group activity that requires them to share their travelogue, analyze the short stories, and discuss how Jordanian history and culture connects to other countries in the region. As a large group, we will share our conclusions and discuss why cross-cultural understanding is an important 21st century skill that leads to global competency (and why that matters in our increasingly interconnected and interdependent world).

Preparation During Travel

I will read about the various historical and cultural sites we will be visiting in Jordan and look for short stories that might be applicable to my project.