Create Imaginary Travel Plan

Contributor :

Dalene Coomer

Action Plan

I will take pictures, keep a diary, including notations of religious references along the Camino. I will have collected information in Spanish to have realia for students to see.
And perhaps I will buy some kind of item associated with the Cathedral.

Pre-Departure Preparation

For the Indiana Standards for foreign language classes we will research the different cultures and religions that controlled Spain. I will show a pictorial presentation of the journey and students will be able to see parts of the present day Camino and the Cathedral. I will have students create an imaginary plan for future travel to Spain and the Camino.

Preparation During Travel

I will research and keep notes about the history of the Camino, with its many different paths to Santiago de Compostela. I will research the religious fervor that lead pilgrims to believe that the bones of the apostle James are at the Cathedral. I want to have students understand the Arab and Christian influences that encompassed Spain through hundreds of years and why this path is still followed today.