Comparing Indigenous Cultures

Contributor :

Diane Abraham

Action Plan

Not at this time

Pre-Departure Preparation

I plan on implementing my GEEO experience in Alaska with my students in Oregon by sharing the Alaskan Native culture with the Native American cultures in my home state of Oregon. Having lived in another indigenous culture, in Hawaii (remote location, not tourist-driven), make a three-way comparison of indigenous people and the impact of European-based culture into the lifestyle. I will share photos, written and oral histories, and comparisons between both indigenous cultures. An art lesson will comprise of creating native dress of both cultures in Alaska and Oregon, and music / song will also be included. I will provide geographic comparisons, and raise questions about environmental sustainability in this “last Frontier” especially as compared to the mainland part of the US that most people live in.

Preparation During Travel

Not at this time; however, I am looking forward to learning more about the Alaskan Native population and how it is similar and differs from the Native American population that dominated/es the Pacific Northwest.