Comparing Different Language Scripts

Contributor :

Elizabeth McCrary Spencer

Action Plan

I will take pictures of signs, billboards, posters, and other places where I see the Myanmar script. I will collect brochures, maps, menus, etc. to bring back and show my students. I will attempt to find children’s books in Myanmar (especially focusing on local books as well as books that I can find an English version of) to share with my students.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I am a preschool teacher and currently have children from six different countries in my classroom. My children are working on symbolic thinking, and they have been interested in seeing the different writing systems from their native countries. I would like to introduce them to the Myanmar script and show them that different groups of people have come up with different symbols for communication, comparing the Myanmar script with the Roman alphabet and other writing systems used by families in our school.

Preparation During Travel