Contributor :

Jennifer Justus

Action Plan

I will speak with people, families, and students about their daily lives. I will taste food and find out good recipes that I can bring back with me. I absorb customs that my students will like and take many pictures to serve as our own adventure in the classroom.

Pre-Departure Preparation

As an elementary teacher, I would like my students to not only read about places around the world, but experience them. This way it will create a more lasting impression in their lives. I would like them to compare the lives of students and families in the Middle East to their own and see that even across the ocean, our lives are more similar than different. We will compare food, customs, geography, clothes, and traditions. They will get to touch Qatar and Oman, taste it, and see it through the pictures, food, and souvenirs that I bring back.

Preparation During Travel

I will research Qatar and Oman and to give my students a preview of the country I'm visiting. I will prepare my students for the Middle East so that I can take their questions and comments with me to be answered when I return.