Compare and Contrast

Contributor :

Joan Boyle

Action Plan

This unit will be supported by photographs, interviews, video recordings, artifacts purchased while in Jordan and any ad hoc experiences I can do while I am there to allow me to better understand this culture.

Pre-Departure Preparation

A large part of being a teacher, is to prepare my students to be global citizens. I will be preparing an integrated 2-week long unit that addresses a variety of our Californian Education Standards. We will discover how citizens of Jordan adapt to a variety of physical landforms, desert, mountains, urban and coastal. We will discover their cultural identities by viewing and discussing traditional daily life, monetary system, exports/imports, religious beliefs, special holidays/customs, music, dance, and food. We will compare and contrast with California to address one of our text structure standards. A variety of assessments during the semester will be used.

Preparation During Travel

I will start to collect information in a Google document for my students, and do personal reading to prepare me while in Jordan.