Cinderella Around the World

Contributor :

Andi Edson

Action Plan

I must want to take photos that help illustrate the various cultural elements of Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and China that I would like to highlight, especially shoes and animals, both of which are featured in many of these stories. Animals figure critically in each of the tales from these countries, but there are different animals. I will want to possibly gather artifacts throughout my trip that will help the folktales come to life and that can be possibly used in follow-up projects or to stimulate discussion in the classroom.

Pre-Departure Preparation

Preparation During Travel

I will need to familiarize myself with the Cinderella tales from Thailand, Vietnam and China so that I know what cultural elements are present. This will help me to know what pictures and artifacts I want to bring back from my trip to help my students gain a better understanding of each story