Contributor :

Linda A. Keels

Action Plan

I will visit the local free library as well as check out as many reputable websites for information regarding my selection for study. I will be photographing and sketching while on the trip when and where possible.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I am an art teacher in an urban public school grades k-8. I plan during the course of the next year [2015-2016] to use the information regarding the art, architecture and history for my students. Using the Discipline based format of art history, criticism, aesthetics and production, students will recreate their own interpretation of housing in China, the terracotta warriors, clothing worn in ancient times/traditional attire and the style of painting found upon Chinese scrolls. The photos that I take in addition to the journal that I will keep will serve as a foundation. Since my students are currently not high school age, some of the material is not suited for them and if need be, I will adjust the information to be age appropriate.

Preparation During Travel

I have chosen to research the work of the terracotta soldiers, the tomb and the history surrounding the site prior to the trip for a presentation. I also plan to use the presentation in some form with my students.