Central European Science Contributions

Contributor :

Matthew F Poston

Action Plan

During “downtime” I will need to visit homesteads of scientists, universities, museums, and other areas of interests. Take plenty of photos that instantly download to class OneDrive for easy retrieval by students. Possibly obtain literature or obtaining a photocopy of Freud or other scientist’s science notebooks would also be a great artifact to bring home to share.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I will group students, allow them to choose one of the five countries (Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, and Hungary) and research scientists and scientific advances from the one that they choose. Students will be able to create a Glogster, Animoto, PowerPoint, brochure, collage, or something else of their choosing to demonstrate mastery/understanding. Photos of trip will be available for students to download, allowing their presentations to be more visibly appealing. Upon completion, a gallery walk (using technology, if needed) will allow students the opportunity to share their artifact with others.

Preparation During Travel

I will need to research and compile list of possible sites in or around the cities in which we will be visiting. For example, Vienna during the 19th century was known as the "Mecca of Medicine" and Freud earned a doctorate of medicine in Vienna.