Bringing Italy Into a Visually Impaired Classroom

Contributor :

Evangeline Worsley

Action Plan

I will ensure that my trip includes a variety of dining experiences and rely on locals to direct me towards authentic restaurants and eateries. I will ask locals about family and personal recipes that embody the culture of the cities.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I work with students who are blind and visually impaired to teach them reading, writing, and communication skills, in addition to providing them with opportunities for functional, real world experiences. My students really connect with hands on experiences and music. I plan to help create a research project/investigative study to learn more about Italian culture. I plan to help my students learn about the culture through discussion and research, exposure to traditional and popular Italian music, and by providing the opportunity to create a traditional Italian dish.

Preparation During Travel

I will research Italian music trends and popular authentic dishes. I will gain an understanding of the cultural and political climate of the country and the values that are held that may differ or may be the same as those of my inner-city students.