Arabic Poetry

Contributor :

Christina Clark

Action Plan

I will look for books of poetry–will visit a bookstore in my free time–and speak with people. I’d also like to find a women’s advocate center if I can.

Pre-Departure Preparation

As an English teacher, I would like to incorporate more Arabic poetry--because I know it is some of the best--so I'll be on the lookout for poetry both in books and out in the wild. I teach Theory of Knowledge which includes units on religion, language, arts, and indigenous societies. I plan to show students how each of these contributes to culture and identity in the Middle East. We arrive during Eid al-Adha, so I'd like to give a lesson on this holiday and what the celebrations reveal about Jordanian culture. Many of my students are also passionate about women's rights, and I want to show them ways that Jordanian women get their voices heard.

Preparation During Travel

I'm practicing Arabic vocabulary, listening to podcasts, and reading poetry.