Alaskan Native Dance

Contributor :

Devan Stewart

Action Plan

I will visit the Alaskan Heritage Museum and attend a dance/storytelling workshop to learn about Alaskan Native dance and song. I’ll also have the opportunity to learn a native song and dance to teach to my students at school.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I teach elementary music and plan on visiting the Alaska Heritage Museum in Anchorage. They have a dance hall called The Gathering Place where they introduce Alaskan Native heritage, storytelling, and dance. They also give the visitors the opportunity to learn a dance while there. I plan on learning the song/dance and incorporating it into my multicultural lessons in the music classroom. Because students also have one-to-one devices, we will use the devices to research Alaskan Native culture as part of a cross-curricular project.

Preparation During Travel

I'll research the different dances and singing that are a part of the Native Alaskan heritage. I'll also look up different videos of dances/singing that can be used in the classroom.