Contributor :

Michael Murphy

Action Plan

I will hope to learn as much as possible about the Age of Exploration when traveling to Portugal and Spain through listening to tour guides / visiting museums. In terms of the Moorish influences, I plan on learning about that through the information obtained by the guided tour of the AlHambra and other Moorish sites that we’ll be visiting.

Pre-Departure Preparation

Students will be learning about the European Age of Exploration, and the information learned from the trips about Portugal's and Spain's importance of the exploration and their material riches gained from the Age of Exploration will be discussed, including the use of possible pictures that I took. The Moorish expansion into Europe and the reconquest of Spain will also be learned by students. Thus information regarding the AlHambra and other Moorish influences of Iberia will be taught to students.

Preparation During Travel

I will continue to learn about the Age of Exploration and the Moorish influences within Spain and Portugal.