Adding Central Europe To Europe Unit

Contributor :

Eileen Woodford

Action Plan

1. Take lots of pictures. 2. Gather as many brochures, maps, pamphlets as I can, especially those not in English. 3. Buy postage stamps. 4. Watch, observe, write about what I see. 5. Browse the book stores, buy a few select books for the classroom. 6. Try to strike up conversations with residents, when able.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I teach World Geography to 6th graders that includes a unit on Europe. While I am familiar with Western Europe, I know very little about the physical and human geography of Eastern Europe. This trip will deepen my understanding of the physical and cultural complexity of part of the region. I will incorporate photos, materials that I gather from museums and observations of daily life into my lesson plan on Europe, enriching the learning experience of my students.

Preparation During Travel

I will review the district's Learning Expectations for the World Geography curriculum and the Europe unit in particular to insure that my 'fact finding' during the trip is in alignment with district expectations and curriculum.