Adaptation in Non-Living Structures, Ecuadorian Architecture, Equatorial Pseudoscience

Contributor :

Tiffany Haley

Action Plan

Collect pictures and videos. Ask lots of questions, and record answers.

Pre-Departure Preparation

During the expedition, I will be researching the unique adaptations of the animals & plants of the Galapagos. Students will receive a presentation from me and apply those adaptations to non living structures as they work through the design process solving a design problem. I will also be collecting information to bolster my architecture curriculum, which is rather European centric. I will be collecting data on the science and pseudoscience surrounding the equator for my astronomy classes.

Preparation During Travel

I am reading various books on the Galapagos including a book on plants / animals. Research common equator demonstrations. Plan tours before the GEEO trip. Examine photography options.