A Journey to Morocco in French

Contributor :

Julie Nji

Action Plan

I will keep a journal about language that I see and hear, I will take pictures of language examples, and when appropriate I will ask Moroccan people to allow me to record them speaking in Arabic, French, English, or other languages.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I am a French teacher. I will be creating a Powerpoint presentation about my experiences in Morocco. I will include the typical information about the regions that we visit, the sights that we see, the food that we eat, the unique customs that we experience and so forth. I also want to include information about the language that we experience during the trip. I would like to give my students an introduction to Arabic and and compare it to French and English. To that end I will be keeping notes on the language experiences that I have as well as taking pictures of relevant signage and when appropriate asking to record Moroccan people speaking in various languages.

Preparation During Travel

I will familiarize myself basic Arabic and learn about arabic script.