Choose Your Own Adventure

We all have that one place in the world that we dream of seeing with our own eyes and experiencing firsthand. While GEEO offers teacher travel programs in dozens of countries around the world, we don’t cover it all every year. If you don’t see your destination on our current program list, you can always choose your own adventure!

As a small nonprofit organization, GEEO has the flexibility to create additional programs for our travelers that want to go somewhere that’s not in our current catalog. We work with a global tour operator that specializes in travel that supports local community development on all seven continents. You can see all of their destination options on their website.

Below, we’ll explain your options for going somewhere off the GEEO map. For all the options below, GEEO can get you the best price our parter offers or at least a 5% discount.

1. Start Your Own Public GEEO Group

If you want to travel somewhere in particular but don’t see it as an option in our current programs, we might be able to open a new GEEO group for you. You need to have at least 2 other people that want to join you on your trip. We’d work with you to select the best dates for your group, set up the program with our tour operator, and then it would become part of the GEEO public catalog. Other educators from around the world and their guests would be able to join the group.

2. Create a Private Group

While GEEO is best known for our teacher groups, we also run private groups. We can help you set up a private program for your colleagues, friends and family, organization, university, or school. We need at least eight people to form a private group. If at least twelve register, you will get one spot for free. The process begins with the group leader(s) working with GEEO to choose the appropriate trip for their group. We will then send you a private website for the participants to view in order to decide whether they wish to go on the trip and how to prepare for traveling with us. Learn more about private groups here.

3. Go Your Own Way

If you don’t want to start your own GEEO group or create a private group, you can also join one of our partner’s public departure groups. This means that instead of traveling only with other teachers, your group would be made up from the general public from around the world. To get started, contact us to give us an idea of when and where you want to travel.

Whether you create a public GEEO group, a private group, or decide to go on your own adventure, we have options for travel programs on every continent. See below for a list of all the countries we can help you explore.

Please contact us at 1-877-600-0105 or travel@geeo.org to get started on choosing your own adventure!