Announcing the 2023 Ultiworld/StatMando Fandom Survey

The 2023 Ultiworld/Statmando Fandom Survey is now open for responses. If you have ten minutes, you can participate by completing this enjoyable, anonymous survey: https://forms.gle/YPzm14et8ce1hAA7A. With the survey, we will collect and publish information on which players fans are rooting for and against, which commentators fans want in the booth, which disc manufacturers they prefer, and much more. We would appreciate your help getting the word out about this survey, so please share it with friends and other disc golf groups you belong to.

In 2022 over 1500 disc golf fans filled out our survey, and we published the following nine articles intended to provide insights into disc golf fandom:

The Survey Itself And Who Took It
Which Pros Do We Root For and Against
How Fans See Disc Golf Part 1
How Fans See Disc Golf Part 2
How Gender Affects Who We Root For
How Height, Introversion/Extroversion, and Age Correlate With Who Fans Root For
Paul McBeth v Ricky Wysocki
Nikko Locastro Fans
Feature Cards, Player Attributes, and McBeth v Climo