Various Classroom Activities

Contributor :

Kelsey Bermudez

Action Plan

In each picture I take for my presentation I will have the backpack mentioned above on my back and I will buy a postcard or souvenir from each country to put in the backpack to show the students during the presentation.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I plan to teach my first graders a cross-curricular unit centered around the countries I visit in Eastern Europe. I will make a presentation of my pictures in various countries. Students will participate in centers, each with a different activity relating to the Eastern Europe trip. Students will track my travels on a map and label the map with map symbols and continent names to correlate with our standard. For math, students will use nonstandard units of measurement to determine the shortest and farthest points of travel. We will read a book aloud for each country I visit during our reading center. For writing, student will construct an opinion paragraph telling which country I visited that they would like to visit the most.

Preparation During Travel

I will research distances between our stops and map them out. I will have my current students each draw a picture on the backpack I will be taking on the trip.