“River of Doubt” Lesson

Contributor :

Jeanette Troup

Action Plan

I will be taking photographs of the rainforest, the river, and the people. When we visit the Shaman I will record what we learn about the Inca belief system and use it in a lesson regarding cultural differences. I will also be gathering information and photos about the history and geography of Peru for use in a lesson on how these impact the current global relationship Peru has with the U.S.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I plan to use the photos I take and the information I gain during the Peruvian Amazon experience to cover the following Alaska State Science Standards: Students will: A.3. Develop an understanding that culture, local knowledge, history, and interaction with the environment contribute to the development of scientific knowledge, and local applications provide opportunity for understanding scientific concepts and global issues. C. 2. Develop an understanding of the structure, function, behavior, development, life cycles, and diversity of living organisms; F. 2. Develop an understanding that some individuals, cultures, and societies use other beliefs and methods in addition to scientific methods to describe and understand the world F.3. Develop an understanding of the importance of recording and validating cultural knowledge.

Preparation During Travel

I am currently reading "River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt's Darkest Journey" which details the ex-President's journey on the Amazon. I have a map of Peru that I will use in my classroom to accompany our discussions about the rainforest, the river, and the people who live there. During the trip I will need to take photos and document new knowledge. I want to integrate what I learn into science (rainforest & river), social studies (Inca culture), and economics, therefore prior to leaving I plan to research Peru's current global economic state and it's primary resources.