Contributor :

Amy Moore

Action Plan

Take pictures to be used for the back drops. Search for materials to use for the games and for chariot decorations. Ask the CEO, locals, kids, etc. what types of games they play that I could add to my list to use with my students.

Pre-Departure Preparation

As a PE teacher, I will research games-ancient and current-that are played by children in Greece. I will select games appropriate for my different grade levels to have an Olympic game week in my classes. Some of the games to include will be Ourania, Apprhaxis, Passe-boule, morra, juggling, (https://www.historyforkids.net/greek-games.html) and the grand finale will be a chariot race using scooters, jump ropes for reigns and decorations made in collaboration with the art teacher and her classes as well as making backdrops to use in the gym to set the scene for these games. I will also collaborate with classroom teachers in lessons on Greek games and sports for my students.

Preparation During Travel

Make notes of the rules and materials used for these games.