Contributor :

Theodora Triplis

Action Plan

I plan to spend about 5 days before and after the trip in Dublin, so I can use some of that time to talk to people and find out more information about language and what Irish people view as important languages for their citizens to know and learn to pass on to future generations. I’m also curious how they teach language in school and how many people are bilingual in both English and Irish, etc. The poor tour guide is going to get a lot of questions from me and I plan to chat with locals over a pint in all the towns we visit to get some more insight.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I would like to explore the Irish language- what is the difference between Irish and Gaelic? My students are all language learners because I teach in a dual immersion Spanish/English program. They are very familiar with English and Spanish but have had limited exposure to other languages and don't even remember what it's like to hear a language they don't understand. I would like to be able to teach them a few phrases that help them remember the frustrations of learning a new language and how hard it is so they can regain their empathy for others around them who are not in the DI program and who have a difficult time learning Spanish or English.

Preparation During Travel

I will research which languages are spoken in all the counties we are visiting on the trip and learn what the difference is between Irish and Gaelic and find out if there are other important languages I need to research and be aware of on the trip.