Image Based Document Analysis

Contributor :

Kelsey Hudson

Action Plan

I plan to absorb everything possible about Jordanian history and culture while in the country. I will take pictures of these sites that I will be able to turn into lessons that are based around visual literacy when I return.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I teach AP World History and World Civilization. I want to use photographs as well as the knowledge I gain while in Jordan to create image-based document analysis activities for my classroom. These will focus on visual literacy. For World Civilization I want to focus on the history of Jordan before, during, and after the Romans occupation and control of the region. For AP World History I want to focus on the modern history of Jordan, with particular attention to its history in the Ottoman Empire, post-WWI, and in the modern era. I would also like to bring unique stories that I hear or things I observe into the classroom to make history "come alive" for my students.

Preparation During Travel

I will research the history of Jaresh, Petra, Madaba, the castle at Karak (among other historic sites) on the itinerary. By doing so I will be better prepared to get images and information about the sites.