Enhance Teaching About South Asia

Contributor :

Sarah Paine

Action Plan

I would like to map out the current units I have and put in where I can include my vblog. I would also like incorporate pictures. Ideally the vblog would have interviews with people to explain their perspectives. In the past we’ve focused on current events like the world’s largest democracy, the lasting effects of the Caste System, sanitation, the 2015 earthquake and income inequality.

Pre-Departure Preparation

In my 6th grade class we do a small unit on the first civilizations (including Ancient India). We also do a larger unit on World Religions. The visit to Varanasi and Buddha's birthplace will be especially beneficial. In 8th grade I teach a Global Perspectives class. We do a whole unit on South Asia. It is a combination of culture/current events so every moment on the trip will be helpful for this unit. I plan on making a vblog about my experiences.

Preparation During Travel

As I have taught the 8th Grade perspectives class for three years now I feel confident that I understand the basics of Indian politics, current events and culture. I have to make a blog for my school which includes various entries where I research and then write about different topics. I am also going to spend 10 hours studying Hindi through the language site Mango.