Cultural Open House

Contributor :

Shelby Salomaa

Action Plan

I will be taking a lot of pictures with my digital camera because I will be using the photos in my classes as well as part of my classroom decor. I will also be taking a diary with me to record my travel experiences so I can share them with my students when I return.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I will be designing a Culture elective course based on the countries I travel to during this trip and the Central Europe trip. Each country (9 in total between the 2 trips) will be its own unit. Students will demonstrate learning via projects and assessments. I am also planning a Culture Open House for Spring 2020 where the school invites people from the larger community to come in and learn about these different countries from our students. Our students will demonstrate their learning by giving presentations, playing games, writing, cooking etc... for the community. This open house will help our school build relationships with the greater community.

Preparation During Travel

I will be giving out a survey to my students prior to departure so that I can better understand the types of information they would like me to learn while on travel so that in return I can teach them.