Cross-Curricular Activities

Contributor :

Jill Carter

Action Plan

I will keep a travel journal during my trip, and take pictures and videos of animals and plants to share with my students in the classroom and on my blog.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I would like to create a cross-curricular study with my 1st grade students that focuses on the rainforest habitat of Belize and its animals and plants. My students will learn about how the animals and plants of the rainforest are interdependent and also how specific species are ideally compatible with the rainforest. We will read books about Belize, Guatemala, and the rainforest, do math activities focused on the rainforest, and research plants and animals of the rainforest. All of our new knowledge will then be used to compare and contrast with our habitat in North Carolina.

Preparation During Travel

I will research the plants and animals I hope to encounter in Belize and Tikal, and make a list of photos and videos I hope to get.