Contributor :

Michael Madruga

Action Plan

Go to the ancient temples and ask questions, take photos/videos, acquire tokens, and artifacts. Make contacts/friends for future reference. Attend religious events, visit a Buddhist temple. Visit the sacred peaks of the Himalayas. Make sure my cameras are ready and remember to take extensive notes each day.

Pre-Departure Preparation

Expose my students to the birthplace of Buddhism and Hinduism utilizing photos, videos, text, artifacts, and an articulated series of short stories of my adventures in India and Nepal. After a Socratic discussion and some preliminary research each student will compose a comparative analysis by essay, PowerPoint, project, and/or presentation integrating new vocabulary unique to thee above religions. (Note: Here is a link to the completed video:

Preparation During Travel

Continue to research the political, socioeconomic, religious, and cultural issues of the regions I will be visiting.