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2017 Program List

Below you will find the programs we are currently offering. Book two or more these trips and receive 10% off of the lesser value program(s). The "Pairs With" column will help you find out which trips are scheduled to work well together. Please contact us at 1-877-600-0105 or if you have any questions or would like help finding the right trip for you. Also, if you can't find a location or date that fits your travel needs, let us know and and we can help you plan an alternative trip.

Program NamePriceStart DateEnd DatePairing
Morocco Winter Break$1,61412/18/161/1/17None
Kilimanjaro Winter Break$2,89912/20/1612/27/16None
Morocco Spring Break$9963/25/174/1/17None
Galapagos Spring Break$2,6114/8/174/16/17None
India/Nepal Group 1$1,9856/13/176/28/17Bangkok to Hanoi
Eastern Europe Group 1$2,3556/14/176/28/17Balkans
Ireland Group 1$1,8996/18/176/26/17Balkans, Italy
Galapagos Islands Group 1$2,3746/22/176/30/17None
Italy$2,8496/26/177/9/17Ireland Group 1, Greece
Myanmar$2,4696/27/177/10/17Vietnam/Cambodia, Bali and Lombok
Bangkok to Hanoi$1,6146/28/177/11/17India/Nepal Group 1, Bali and Lombok, Vietnam/Cambodia
Balkans$2,3296/28/177/12/17Eastern Europe Group 1, Ireland Group 1, Greece, Morocco
Multi-Stan$2,8497/4/177/26/17India/Nepal Group 2
Galapagos Islands Group 2$2,6127/6/177/14/17Peruvian Andes
Costa Rica$1,6617/8/177/23/17None
Vietnam/Cambodia$2,1747/11/177/27/17Myanmar, Bangkok to Hanoi, China
Greece$2,6597/15/177/29/17Italy, Eastern Europe, Balkans, Eastern Europe Group 2
Bali and Lombok$1,9467/15/177/28/17Bangkok to Hanoi, India/Nepal Group 2
Peru$2,7547/18/177/29/17Peruvian Amazon
Bhutan$3,4197/22/177/31/17India/Nepal 2
Armenia and Georgia$1,8997/24/178/2/17Ireland Group 2
India/Nepal Group 2$1,9857/24/178/8/17Bhutan, Multi-Stan
Peruvian Amazon$2,3747/29/178/6/17Peru
Southern Africa$3,6097/29/178/15/17None
Eastern Europe Group 2$2,4508/1/178/15/17Greece
Ireland Group 2$1,8998/5/178/13/17Armenia and Georgia