Living Environment in Iceland

Contributor :

Jule Rosen

Action Plan

I will visit the Icelandic horses at one of the stables and spend time learning about the horses.

Pre-Departure Preparation

The biology course that I teach is called the Living Environment so I plan on learning as much as I can while I am in Iceland about the native animals such as the Arctic Fox, Icelandic horse, and puffins. Although I will be unable to see the fox and the puffins due to the time of year I will be there, I plan on visiting the stables and learning about the Icelandic horses. I will be able to incorporate discussion of these native animals in several units throughout the year such as Classification, Evolution, Reproduction, Animal Behavior, and Ecology. Students will be able to research how each of these animals are believed to have evolved, what their mating habits/rituals are, survival characteristics that they possess based on their habitats and threats that these animals face.

Preparation During Travel

I will identify and study various animals and their habitats native to Iceland.