Lesson Plan

“I am a reading teacher and I would like my students to follow Peru in the news. I plan to have my students read newspaper and magazine articles with topics related to news, politics, history, culture, and natural disasters in Peru. I already have an article from National Geographic Explorer to start the year. The article discusses picking “”The New Seven Wonders of the World.”” There is a section in this article with a picture and description of Machu Picchu. Another idea I have is reading a Peruvian Fairy Tale. I have a lesson where students read different versions of Cinderella from around the world. I could add a Peruvian story to this lesson.”

Pre-Departure Preparation

I will research Peruvian literature and fairy tales.

Preparation During Travel

I will take plenty of pictures of people, architecture, and the mountains in Peru to share with my students. I hope to use these pictures as a way to get my students interested in learning more. While in Peru, I plan to talk to teachers and other people we meet about Peruvian literature.