Lesson Plan

I strongly believe in cross-curricular lessons and I intend to teach about rangoli designs used during traditional festivities in India. Students will then use various materials to constuct their designs which will incorporate geometric shapes and symmetry that they have learned in math class. These designs will be displayed in locations throughout the school, possibly culminating during our annual neighborhood art fair.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I will continue to research how recyclable materials can be used to create these designs. Furthermore to examine how they can be related to our character education program currently in place in our curriculum, having discovered that these designs signify cultural mannerisms and hospitality.

Preparation During Travel

During my time in India, it will be necesary to find examples of the rangoli designs and to discuss with the native people how they were constructed and what the significance of each of the elements are. I expect some of the designs also relate to their religious beliefs and certain deities and while visiting temples, etc., I will explore these connections to the different designs.