Lesson Plan

I plan to create some amazing power point presentations on history and culture for my two World History classes that will emphasize the diversity and richness of the Indian culture. I hope to supplement this with craft items, samples of music, art, etc. to create an artifact teaching trunk for our building. Because I teach a world religions unit in my religion curriculum I also intend to do a power point presentation on Hinduism and Buddhism with an emphasis on religious beliefs, commonalities, and forms of worship.

Pre-Departure Preparation

I’m planning on doing a lot of reading so that I can ask focused questions and have a game plan of what I want to focus on.

Preparation During Travel

I plan to take advantage of the opportunity to visit as many historical, cultural and religious sites as possible. I hope to take advantage of any cultural presentations that might be made available to us. I hope to interview or talk to as many local people as possible and to take as many pictures as possible.