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Lesson 15
Christina Luzzi

I am a science teacher and I would like to teach my students about Peruvian agriculture and engineering. I will collect climate data and have students compare to New York City climate data. Students will use engineering skills learned to create a design experiment as their 8th grade exit project.

Lesson 14
Kate Doniger

I am a reading teacher and I would like my students to follow Peru in the news. I plan to have my students read newspaper and magazine articles with topics related to news, politics, history, culture, and natural disasters in Peru.

Lesson 13
Deanna Brunlinger

I will do a Hunger Banquet with my students and all freshman World Culture classes to bring awareness about people (especially children) in need worldwide of an adequate food supply and clean drinking water.

Lesson 12
Eileen McNamee

I will teach my students about the science used to build Machu Picchu and introduce photographs into the classroom

Lesson 11
Elizabeth Kriynovich

I am a ninth-grade World Literatures teacher, and a central theme of our curriculum is “The Hero’s Journey.” We explore various aspects of the journey pattern in literature throughout the year. I am going to include a unit on the life/legend of the Buddha.

Lesson 10
La Donna Pitts

I strongly believe in cross-curricular lessons and I intend to teach about rangoli designs used during traditional festivities in India. Students will then use various materials to constuct their designs which will incorporate geometric shapes and symmetry that they have learned in math class.

Lesson 09
Ellen Taylor

I will have an “India” day when I read Indian folktales (while wearing a sari). Students will write their version of an Indian folktale.

Lesson 08
Janet Matthews

I will be teaching “The Ramayana” and would like to be photographing temples, sites, and Indian dieties that mentioned in the epic. I also would like to interview some people about the importance of this epic and their knowledge about Rama and Sita.

Lesson 07
Carmen McCurren

My geography students will plan their own trip to Egypt. Through researching travel locations in Egypt, they will create an itinerary and write a postcard to a friend describing what they have seen and done while on this trip.

Lesson 06
Jo Ann Summerall

I plan to coordinate Egyptian Studies, with our Global teacher for the annual Global Fair. I would like to include architecture, music, art, food, culture and customs for our student body. ( Previously, this school year our class viewed videos and DVDs about Egypt for background knowledge.)

Lesson 05
Jennifer Petruska

My fifth grade students will complete a novel study about Peak by Roland Smith. This novel is about a boy named Peak who attempts to be the youngest person to climb Mount Everest. Peak leaves New York City for Kathmandu, Nepal, and begins the long trek up the mountain.

Lesson 04
Linda Ericksen

I will require that students read “Gandhi, His Life and Message for the World” by Louis Fischer. They will have to write an essay on Gandhi’s goals, accomplishments, and methods.

Lesson 03
Rosemary Conroy

I plan to create some amazing power point presentations on history and culture for my two World History classes that will emphasize the diversity and richness of the Indian culture. I hope to supplement this with craft items, samples of music, art, etc.

Lesson 02
Sharon Willets

Since I am a business teacher, I want to teach my students about International business etiquette in India. The students will research India’s business etiquette and compare it to other Asia countries and the United States.

Lesson 01
Catherine Rae

I am an art teacher and I would like to teach my students about art in Costa Rica. I would like to create a couple units where students can make a few art projects based on what I saw and researched from Costa Rica.