Costa Rican Culture Week

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Costa Rican Culture Week

Subject: Principal | Grades: 6, 7, 8
Location: Costa Rica, but adaptable to any
Contributor: Hector Galicia

Lesson Plan

Creating a cultural week or a couple of days at my school. One of the countries that would be included would be Costa Rica. Every department will be able to pick a country, Costa Rica being one. In addition, they will either look at the food/art(elective classes) music (music dept), government (history), eco system (science) and etc.

Pre-Departure Preparation

Prior to my departure I would need to put it on the school calendar. Also, once I arrive in Costa Rica I will see if any of the places that we visit provide me with information or artifacts that I can bring back to my school.

Preparation During Travel

During my visit I will need to look at art, visit authentic restaurants with Costa Rican food, or places of entertainment to get an idea of their culture. Finally, I would like to get any information possible or visit a place that would give me an insight of Costa Rican government.

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