Costa Rica | Music

Contributor: Megan Ashe

Lesson Plan

I would like to learn traditional Latin American music and have each grade perform a song in the winter concert or spring concert. The performance will be done for two concerts- a school day concert and a concert in the evening for parents and family. I will also display pictures through an online album to share my travel experience with my students so they understand the area of the world where the music comes from and create a few assignments (classroom and homework) based on those pictures. I will also discuss Costa Rica’s musical customs and how it is taught in schools over there. A lot of our students are Latina, so I feel it is important they sing music they may be familiar with. On the other hand, it is important that students who are not Latina also have exposure to music from other cultures and feel comfortable speaking in another language- especially since spanish is a major language spoken here in the U.S.

Pre-Departure Prepartion

I will research various traditional holiday songs and pop songs from Costa Rica to have an idea what I should be asking for over there. I am also going to work with a spanish teacher here at school to learn some important phrases to make communication easier.

Preparation During Travel

I would like to attend a couple of music events (i.e. concerts or symposiums) if at all possible so I can see their performance styles and their imstrumentation. I would also like to go to a nightclub that has live bands- some of the best music comes out of a dive nightclub! I would like to meet with a music teacher in Costa Rica and speak with them to learn about music customs and traditions. I will also look for recordings of music as well as sheet music while I am there so I can use it for the performance. It is important the music be as authentic as possible.